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New Food Safety DVD
Produced  in 2013 this DVD film is designed as a practical training aid for those involved in manufacturing, preparing or selling food. Carefully crafted to tell and SHOW food handlers what they need to know to keep food safe, the film features REAL food handlers working in REAL food operations.

Ideal for induction and refresher training or for use in training courses up to level 2. The film is specifically designed to appeal to all ages. There are no on screen presenters to distract the viewer - the film features commentary and footage which SHOWS the viewer what they need to know and enables them to remember the information they are given.

Ideal for group training sessions. Simply select the section relevant to the topic being covered.
SPECIAL PRICE £49.90 including packing and postage.
Order by telephone - 01395 269915
Order by email - sales@ctv.uk.com
Order by post - CTV, 1 Trefusis Place, Exmouth, Devon, U.K. EX8 2AR
Short, concise sections deliver the required information in manageable chunks and in a way that the viewer can easily absorb. Delivers the information in a modern, interesting way and features scenes from a wide variety of food handling operations.

Contents include:
      · Introduction
      · Personal hygiene
      · Pests and waste
      · Equipment
      · Cleaning
      · Raw food
      · Simple bacteriology
      · Temperature control
      · Safe cooking

Total running time approximately 16 minutes.
Special Offer
5 - 9 @ £44.90     10+ @ £39.90